Who We Are


After planning their own big day and attending friends’ weddings in the area, Kayla and Tylor English recognized there was a serious shortage of event spaces in the Fraser Valley. So, the couple left their 9-to-5 jobs to open a venue that would be one of a kind and yet completely practical.

Based at the vibrant Abbotsford International Airport, Airside Event Spaces offers the chance for couples, corporations and friends to meet and celebrate milestones in a private airport hangar flanked by breathtaking Mount Baker.

Airside to the Abbotsford International Airport the event space offers in-house catering and on-site logistics planning. Airside even provides two planes for unique backdrops for your event photos. Arrange to fly in for corporate events or as a unique addition to weddings, parties and photo shoots. Ask us for more information about our charter services on our 8-seat turboprop.

Beyond the extraordinary setting, Airside promises an unforgettable experience by setting the bar high in every way: service, amenities and catering. Airside also ensures a smooth and seamless event by acting as a central hub that houses everything in one place.

Our Team

Husband and wife team Tylor and Kayla are the faces you’ll see when you come for a tour or need assistance during your event. Both thrive on the chance to go the extra mile for clients and collaborate with the exceptional talent of Metro Vancouver’s wedding and event professionals.

When they’re not at Airside, they keep busy with their two young children. You’ll also find them hunting for the next great restaurant, entertaining at home or taking little trips in the Cessna 172.

Kayla English

Kayla is a graphic designer and illustrator with more than a decade of experience in both agency and corporate settings. She has a love for all things home and homemaking, including renovations, decor and cooking. Now she applies her keen eye and design flair to help bring people’s dream parties to life.

Tylor English

Tylor is a former career counsellor who enjoyed seeing students achieve their dreams. He’s also a pilot with a passion for flying small planes and a serious foodie. One day, he made his own dream come true when he co-founded Airside with Kayla.


At Airside, we like to SOAR. Our values reflect that and we apply this philosophy to everything we do.

  • Solutions. We say ‘yes’ to all reasonable requests and do everything we can to anticipate your needs and exceed expectations.
  • Organization. We have the experience and resources to give your event the organization it deserves.
  • Aesthetics. Yes, the setting itself is incredible, but there are scores of other little details that make it clear Airside is a venue of the highest calibre.
  • Relationships. Airside is a family-run business and we value the chance to build incredible relationships with both outstanding clients and talented vendors.


As Airside Event Spaces came to life and we began to look for an exclusive catering partner, one name stood out in exceptional ways: White Table Catering.

White Table shares so many of our values: attention to details, providing only the highest quality products, outstanding service and a desire to give back to the community.

We love that their food is fresh, seasonal and local where possible. We love that they’re a husband/wife team just like us. We love that they beam with honour at the chance to be a part of our guests’ celebrations and go above and beyond at every turn.

We think you’ll love them too.

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